Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Post-Election Pause

Barack Obama's election on Tuesday night was no surprise, and I have many thoughts about many aspects of the election, about why it happened, about what it means and does not mean, etc. But if anybody was expecting me to respond to the election by launching into a tirade on this blog, they were wrong.

My opinion about whether Obama is qualified to lead the United States of America, and my reasons for having that opinion, have already been made quite clear and there is no need to rehash. Now that he is going to be our president, he will have a chance to prove me wrong and I hope he does. If and when he errs, I will write about it, and if and when he does well, I will write about that too.

I will wait until next week to post about the observations I made Tuesday. Despite my grave concerns about Obama and how he has risen to power, there is no denying that millions of people are genuinely inspired by him and feel that his election is a seminal, positive moment in history. I think they are wrong, but they have earned the right to bask in the moment and I will not rain on them today.

We as conservatives should take our cue from Ronald Reagan, who never failed to stand firm on principles but was always a happy warrior. It's a tough lead to follow, but I do believe that it's the only way for any movement to achieve lasting success -- and it should be noted that the Republicans who followed Reagan frequently failed to follow that lead. (Okay, I'm starting to write about one of the reasons Tuesday night happened, and I said I was going to wait, so now I'll stop.)

Most of my posts over the last couple months have been about politics. Many of my future posts will continue to be, and they will represent a full-throated advancement of the conservative ideals on which this nation was founded -- the very same ideals that make it the greatest nation in all of human history. But now that the election is finally over, I can also get back to posting about other topics that are dear to me, including that trip to the mountains I mentioned back in mid-October.

I'll be camping with family and friends the next four days. As always, God bless until I return.

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Run DMT said...

Read the quote posted on this blog. I think you will appreciate its meaning. I know I did until I learned it was Regan. j/k ;-)