Friday, July 17, 2009

Maddening Media Malpractice

I admit that it is almost a sign of laziness to blog about the MSM’s double standard when it comes to how they portray conservatives and Republicans versus how they portray liberals and Democrats. The double standard is so pervasive that it doesn’t take much time or effort to find examples of it.

But hey, when the target is as easy to hit as a low-hanging swollen grapefruit -- and every bit as juicy -- you might as well hit it.

As you know, Sonia Sotomayor was nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court by Barack Obama, and this week she underwent confirmation hearings. During them, she used the word “vagrancies” instead of “vagaries” and “providence” instead of “province,” and she referred to the National Labor Relations Board as the National Labor Relationships Board.

Do those gaffes disqualify her? No. Her judicial record and history of race indulgence do that. As for the gaffes, she probably just tripped over her tongue because she was in the middle of saying so many things and her brain got ahead of her mouth. It happens to all of us.

But the point is, the MSM never mentioned the gaffes, and you know damn well they would have talked about them ad nauseam had they been made by a conservative. They would have suggested that the gaffes “raise the question” of whether the conservative is dim-witted or ill-prepared and thus not ready for the job. After all, many members of the MSM were still talking about Dan Quayle misspelling potato four years after it happened, and are still talking about George W. Bush mispronouncing “nuclear” one time out of the thousands he used the word.

Unbiased? Hell no, they’re not. Everybody knows it. I just get tired of hearing them deny it.

Next time, I will report on a weightier topic. Until then, check out the July 16th post on Republican Remix because a) it is good, and b) it’s a primer.

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genetic said...

well, to be fair, i don't think bush only mispronounced nuclear once but your main point is still valid. his constant uttering of the word nucular used to really get to me. speaking of bias, did you see the stories of those mayors and other officials in NJ involved in money laundering? even if you google the guys involved it takes 10 minutes of research before you can find out that they're democrats.

and thanks for the plug, john.