Monday, April 12, 2010

et ceteras

My previous post opened with a mention of Barack Obama’s “tendency to stab our allies in the back,” and proceeded to deal with the innate dangers of his nuclear policy. It so happens that Charles Krauthammer has applied his sharp intellect to those issues, and I highly recommend his pieces about them. Here is his piece about the first issue, and here is his one about the second.

There are two things I have believed for a long time but never written into a single, concise post. One of those beliefs is that America’s military protection is the only reason Western European nations are able to exist as they do, bogged down by entitlements and infatuated by social policy whimsies. The other belief is that if America were to mimic Western Europe’s ways, there would be no one else to do the serious work, and therefore both we and Western Europe would crumble. Now I may not have to write that post, because Jonah Goldberg did an outstanding job in this commentary a few days ago. It is very much worth the few minutes it takes to read it.

My final post from last month talked about our trip to the Suwannee Springfest Music Festival, but failed to mention how many independent artists and artisans were on hand selling their wares. They were all following the American dream of doing what you want in your own way, and I want to take a moment to recognize two of them. Based in Jensen Beach, FL, Bamboo Groove turns thick bamboo stalks into mood lighting that is quirky and unique. Meanwhile, Evening Shade Farms crafts a surprisingly large variety of homemade soaps (and other skincare products) in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. We bought from each and recommend them without hesitation.

I know this et ceteras sounds like a litany of recommendations, and I guess that’s what it is, so I will close it by revisiting the charity suggestion I made on March 24th. As you may recall, one of my fellow St. Pete High Class of 89’ers is participating in Revlon’s Annual Run/Walk for Women, which raises funds for women’s cancer research. It will take place on May 1st and you can rest assured that any money you donate will be put to good use. To help that worthy cause, go here.

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