Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. Sowell

Thomas Sowell turns 80 years old today. Over the years I have read the writings of many great thinkers, and none of them can match Sowell's analytical skills or his ability to communicate important ideas in plain English. When I first discovered him in the early 1990's, his columns and books invigorated my mind like a jolt of lightning, and they have continued doing that ever since.

If you are not familiar with his biography, you may want to read this tribute that I wrote when he turned 79. But to really appreciate a scribe, it is best to read his own words in full with recent history in mind, here are my five favorite Thomas Sowell columns from the past three months, in order from newest to oldest:

It's worth noting that the last link was one piece in a multi-part series on race and politics, which was published between April 6th and April 9th. The entire series can be accessed from Sowell's archives either here, here or here. He will never do you wrong.

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