Wednesday, August 18, 2010

et ceteras

Here in Florida, one of the biggest political stories is the battle between Bill McCollum and Rick Scott in the Republican gubernatorial primary. For what it's worth, I am for McCollum, and my main reason is that he is one of the attorneys general who signed on to the lawsuit against Obamacare. Also, Scott displays almost no interest in answering questions about the Medicare fraud that took place at Columbia/HCA while he was CEO, and I suspect that would doom him in a general election.

Two Sundays ago our pastor used the 23rd Psalm to buttress his larger point, but I thought what he said would be worth an entire sermon all by itself. He emphasized that the psalm says "I walk through the valley of the shadow of death," not "I stop and complain in the valley..." or "I cower through the valley..." I have only been to church twice this year and am not the kind of person who feels comfortable making religious pronouncements, but I found that brief remark to be so powerful that I feel compelled to pass it on.

One of the things I touched on in my August 9th post is how liberals reflexively believe that conservatives are bigots, and the MSM reflexively assumes that racism is the "real" reason behind any conservative criticism of a person who is not white. One day later Dennis Prager published this editorial, and I recommend it to everyone.

Something else my post touched on is how liberals reflexively assume that every environmental mishap is a catastrophe. The subtext was that when it comes to covering such mishaps, the MSM fails to verify that what it reports as facts actually are facts. For more on that topic, check out this piece by Lou Dolinar.

Lastly, I feel that I should close by saying something about the "Ground Zero Mosque," but I can not cram everything I want to say into a single paragraph. So for now I will simply say that Obama's disingenuous, contradictory comments about it are telltale signs of intellectual weakness. And I will also say that I agree with this post from The Corner blog on National Review Online.

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