Monday, March 28, 2011

A brief follow-up

In my most recent post, I wrote that the natural migration of barred owls into the preferred habitat of spotted owls is what has caused the latter’s numbers to decline, and I took environmentalists -- supposed nature lovers that they are -- to task for “refusing to accept Mother Nature’s own design.” Well, today I am going to ramp up my rhetoric by pointing out that these environmentalists are not only recoiling at Mother Nature’s design, but are actively rejecting one of the most hallowed scriptures of their liberal faith: Evolution.

Consider the following, taken from a column by Lou Dolinar, formerly of Newsday and now contributing to National Review. Of the relationship between spotted and barred owls, he writes: “…some biologists say that the two species are closely related, since they can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. Some suspect they diverged from a common ancestor during the last Ice Age, when populations were split into East Coast and West Coast versions…Rather than the extinction of a species, it may be that all we’re seeing is a post-glacial restoration of the natural order of things.”

You just know that many of the people who weep for the spotted owl are owners of those car magnets that have the name “Darwin” spelled prominently across the image of the Christian fish. Will they continue to gnash their teeth over the owl’s declining numbers, even if it is their own sacred deity, Evolution, that is authoring the decline? My guess is they will, and that they will be too dense to see the irony.

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