Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blog Update

As you may know, I also have a travel blog, The Continuous Tourist, which I started 7½ months after starting this one. Back in 2009 I wrote that my reason for starting The Continuous Tourist was that traveling “is something I truly love, and when I write about it I am writing out of love rather than duty…”

Both blogs have featured posts about hiking, because the fact of the matter is that there are few things I enjoy more than experiencing God’s creation by walking through it and seeing it on its own terms. And that love of hiking has prompted me to start yet another blog, one whose name strikes even me as somewhat oxymoronic: The Tampa Bay Hiker.

Basically, its purpose is to inform people about the many locations in the Tampa Bay area where nature rules and people can walk through wild landscapes undisturbed. These places exist but are mostly unknown to the public. Because I have spent most of my life focusing on hiking in places far away, it was not until recently, and only after I made an effort to educate myself, that I realized how many wild areas there are around here…so I figured a blog about them would fill a void.

The link to The Tampa Bay Hiker is here in case you have any interest in its subject matter. Right now it only has one post, explaining what the blog is about. I will publish the first trail review before the Labor Day weekend arrives, so there will be useful information there for anyone wanting to get outside that weekend. However, like I said in the current post, most of my reviews will be published during the cooler months when hiking in the Tampa Bay area is far more pleasurable than it is right now.

If you visit the new blog, please let me know what you think. I would love to hear feedback!

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