Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buckle Up Some More

To follow up on my January 11th piece about how horrible this year's election coverage is going to be, I need do nothing more than point to the events of the last 48 hours.

The MSM is up in arms about Mitt Romney's offhanded comment on Tuesday, when discussing tax rates, that he earned "not very much" from speaking engagements...yet they are scandalously nonchalant about Barack Obama nixing the Keystone pipeline.

The MSM's problem with Romney is that he earned $374,000 from speaking engagements over the course of a year, which they claim makes him "out of touch" with average Americans. Admittedly, Romney gave them the rope when he said "not very much," but whether he will be a good president is completely irrelevant to whether he is "in touch" or "out of touch" with our feelings. When it comes to money, the only thing that matters is whether his ideas will help or hurt the American economy.

Romney's business career was spent rescuing, whenever possible, companies that were in dire financial straits. It was a career that saved thousands upon thousands of jobs and proved that he understands how the economy works.

Conversely, Barack Obama has spent his entire career in the public sector; knows nothing about the economy; and fosters an environment that is hostile to business. And it goes without saying that an environment hostile to business is an environment that hurts average people by restricting job growth and thereby restricting upward mobility. If you doubt what I say about Obama being hostile to business, just ask hotel magnate Steve Wynn.

Our president's actions in derailing the Keystone pipeline will hurt the average working families he piously, and falsely, claims to care about. On top of that, his actions regarding Keystone help a nation he claims is one of our gravest enemies (China), and on top of that, they poison our relationship with a nation that is our #1 trading partner and one of our closest allies (Canada).

Yet in reporting the news, the MSM acts as if whether a president empathically feels our pain is more important than whether his philosophies help us or hurt us. This shows how shallow the MSM are; let's just hope that their shallowness is recognized by those citizens who are trying to decide who to vote for come November.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes Steve.... The MSM is horrible... What ABC did to Newt today really upset me. I don't go along with what Newt may have done in that marriage---but it's not my place to judge. He says that he has gained forgiveness from God. That's all I needed to hear. We all SIN ---some of us moreso than others.. BUT--it's between us and God.

The MSM and the lefties are making this the worst political season I have ever experienced... Unbelievable...

NOT sure what will happen --but Obama definitely has the MSM on HIS side... For that reason, unless people see through this crap, I think he will be reelected.. People in this country are so apathetic and don't care how Obama governs. They just think of him as a 'king' or a 'celebrity'...

It's all very upsetting...

Barb said...

I don't listen to or watch network news (of any persuasion) because I don't like the "spin." I read, I research, I discuss. Quite honestly, I'm already sick of the political posturing on both sides. There is so much dishonesty both in words and deeds that I wonder if anyone is qualified to lead us out of the mess we're in. Sorry for the rant, John, but that's how I feel. On a more positive note, I hope you and your Family had a good birthday getaway and everyone is well.

Fred Alton said...

Good post, John! Politics is not my favorite subject. In fact, I left the room after Santorum started criticizing Romney. I just didn't want to hear it. I will vote for someone other than Barack Obama. Our country is headed down the road to socialism and he would speed it up if he could. That's just a step away from having a benevolent dictator who can then become a malevolent dictator overnight. And away we go!