Monday, November 26, 2012


...from the natural world this Thanksgiving weekend. With cool temperatures and cloudless heavens, the weather could not have been better.

The sky was so perfect it improved every photograph, regardless of whether it was playing a lead role or a supporting one. Here, its natural azure backstops a turkey oak's autumn leaves:

Here, it subtly enhances a sepia sunscape:

We spent a lot of time outdoors, where Sarah tried to get close to a calf:

And Parker seemed to run all over the world:

And these somewhat prehistoric-looking creatures were not at all bothered by our presence in their territory. If you are one to keep score, the first is a black vulture and the second is a gopher tortoise:

The weekend was glorious, and although these photos are mostly nature-related, it was the human side of Thanksgiving that made it as rewarding as a holiday can possibly be. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine.


KaHolly said...

Love this post, seeing your children interact with nature, the beautiful photographs, and the delightful text. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!! Next stop, Christmas. What fun to anticipate the coming of the Christmas season with small ones about the house. I am envious! ~karen

Diane AZ said...

Beautiful photographs, lovely to see children outdoors enjoying nature. I've never seen a gopher tortoise before, looks similar to the desert tortoise but different coloring.