Friday, June 21, 2013

Adieu to Spring

With today being the first day of summer, I decided to look back at the season that just ended by posting some of the things I photographed over the last three months.

I don't know what the pink flowers pictured below are called, but they beautify many of our fields and roadsides at the beginning of every spring. This year they lasted longer than normal (presumably because temperatures stayed cool longer than normal) and it was early May when I came upon the following scene:

Here are a couple of the crocuses that graced us with their presence:

While thousands of families were thronging to you-pick-em blueberry farms in the area, Sarah was busy discovering some wild local produce of another variety. It happened because she took a liking to a particular mulberry tree that grows right up through the boughs of an oak:

The tree wound up producing a tasty harvest of purplish red berries:

Parker and I channeled our inner Huck Finn by exploring creek beds, sometimes with dog in tow. People usually don't think about walking in creek beds, but they make for good exploring when they're dry:

They also make for good exploring when they're flowing with shallow water:

One afternoon we heard a rustling while walking between the creek walls pictured above. When I looked in its direction, I found this armadillo milling around the lip of the wall:

This being Florida, reptiles and amphibians hold a sizable market share when you tally up the animal population. This frog seems to have taken up residence on the front porch, and he made for a nice picture when I saw him lounging in a slat on the back of an old rocking chair:

On a country fence we saw a pair of long blacksnakes who appeared to be in the act of propagating their species:

And just to give you an idea of how long I am talking about, check out this picture I snapped from behind them:

At the end of the day, however, my favorite picture from the spring is the following one from Mother's Day. With me hiding behind the camera, it shows Erika hanging out with Sarah and Parker -- well-earned mimosa in hand!

But then again, how can I put anything ahead of the action shot of Sarah and my niece Lexi experiencing trampoline bliss? Sarah is the one who is airborne:

The next three months are going to be hotter than the three that just passed, but I'll enjoy them anyway!

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