Sunday, September 29, 2013

College Football: Five Weeks In

Five weeks into the college football season, we have seen enough games that we can now arrive at informed opinions.

I could go on at length about why I have come to believe that although the SEC remains the best conference from top to bottom, there is a better chance of a Pac-12 team winning the national championship that there is of an SEC team pulling it off...Or why I believe Johnny Manziel is still the nation's best player, and still the faraway favorite in the Hesiman race unless something colossal happens to change the landscape...Or how this year's Auburn team, the first in the Gus Malzahn era, reminds me of the ones that opened the Pat Dye era.

But I don't feel like writing a whole lot today, so I will just toss those nuggets out there without any elaboration -- and go on to say that based on what has happened so far this season, this is the Stanton's Space Top Twenty:

1.    Alabama
2.    Stanford
3.    Oregon
4.    Clemson
5.    Ohio State
6.    Georgia
7.    Louisville
8.    Florida State
9.    LSU
10.  Texas A&M
11.  UCLA
12.  Oklahoma
13.  South Carolina
14.  Northwestern
15.  Miami
16.  Washington
17.  Virginia Tech
18.  Florida
19.  Ole Miss
20.  Michigan

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