Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eight Weeks In

So it wasn't last weekend, but this weekend -- i.e., the one that wrapped up yesterday -- that will probably go down as this season's Upset Saturday/Weekend of Chaos.

But none of the upheaval affected the national championship picture. It was already known that the Florida State-Clemson clash would eliminate one of those teams, and all of the much-written-about upsets involved teams that were not serious contenders for the national title.

I could rattle on about all kinds of things. I am tempted to gush about how proud I am of my Auburn Tigers in the wake of their huge win over Texas A&M. Instead I will simply wish a respectful RIP to former Washington coach Don James, and offer up my Top Twenty based on what has happened up to now:

1.    Alabama
2.    Oregon
3.    Florida State
4.    Missouri
5.    Ohio State
6.    Baylor
7.    Stanford
8.    Miami
9.    Texas Tech
10.  UCLA
11.  Clemson
12.  LSU
13.  Auburn
14.  Central Florida
15.  Texas A&M
16.  Wisconsin
17.  Louisville
18.  Virginia Tech
19.  Utah
20.  Georgia

Yes, that's Georgia, still in my "rankings," if you will. They've had a rough couple weeks, but we all know that an unprecedented slew of injuries beyond their control is a major reason for that. If they lose to Florida in their next game I will drop them out, but otherwise I will give them the respect they are due for having played three Top Ten teams (something no one else has done) and beaten two of them (which is something else no one else has done).

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