Monday, October 12, 2015

Sixth impressions

Now that the college football season is six weeks old, here are some thoughts and impressions in helter-skelter stream-of-consciousness style:

Steve Sarkisian has accomplished what once seemed unlikely: He has made Gary Moeller seems like a model of restraint and respectability.

But Sarkisian's situation is sad on several fronts, and hopefully he gets his personal train turned around.

With Ohio State just scraping by and Michigan State's three-point win over Oregon suddenly looking more like a demerit than an achievement, Michigan is starting to look like the best team in the Big Ten.

Wouldn't a long-term Jim Harbaugh-Urban Meyer coaching rivalry be great? I think it could be even better than the 10-year war between Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes.

If you had asked me this morning about the SEC East, I would have said there ain't no way Florida doesn't win it, even if they get beaten by LSU on Saturday... Then came this afternoon, when starting QB Will Grier got suspended for a year for PED's... But you know what? Given the division's relative weakness, it is still hard to see Florida not making it to Atlanta.

The people who cheered wildly for Oregon prior to 1994 are the real deal. Now, as this season spirals downward, we are about to discover if the same can be said for Duck fans from the last generation or two.

Texas A&M is 5-0 and controls its own destiny in the SEC West, which is reputed to be the best division in college football. Yet no one is talking about them. I understand why since they have yet to play LSU or Alabama, but it's still weird.

I don't understand how Oklahoma has lost to Texas the last two years. Are they eating too many of those fried PB-and-J's that are for sale outside the stadium, where the state fair always takes place the weekend of the game?

The Pac 12 has lots of damn good teams, but not a single legitimate national title contender.

Unless Utah proves me wrong, that is.

The Heisman Trophy is Leonard Fournette's to lose.

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