Friday, July 15, 2016

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Islamic jihad against Western Civilization continues, and the bulk of the American media keeps right on refusing to say so.

Yesterday, for the third time in eleven months, France was the target of the murderers who follow the "prophet" Muhammad. Right now the AP story about yesterday's terrorist, a chap named Mohamed Bouhlel, describes him as "a Tunisian man."

The headline about Bouhlel on Yahoo News uses the phrase "truck attacker" to describe him, while the ones on NBC News and MSNBC say "truck driver." The one on ABC News says "driver," the one on CBS News says "man," the one on MSN says "Tunisian-born man," and CNN has no headline about him.

As far as print media headlines are concerned, the Washington Post is going with "Tunisian-born man" and Los Angeles Times with "truck driver born in Tunisia." The Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune have no headlines about Bouhlel at the moment, and neither does that old gray lady known for publishing "all the news that's fit to print," the New York Times, although it does have a sub-headline blurb which refers to Bouhlel as "a delivery-truck driver born in Tunisia."

These are the same media who refer to Timothy McVeigh as a Christian even though he referred to himself as an atheist.

And people wonder why jihadists have momentum and the supposedly Judeo-Christian West does not? Seriously?

Yet we are okay, in one way
Way back in the sands of time -- one week ago -- America was at a fever pitch over Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile being killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, and five police officers being killed by Micah Xavier Johnson in Texas.

Or maybe the country was not at a fever pitch. Much like I opined after the George Zimmerman verdict, the media portrayal of my fellow citizens' thoughts and temperaments didn't quite square with what I experienced in my own interactions with my fellow citizens. Most Americans, of every complexion, are considering the facts and behaving honorably and logically regardless of whether they reach the same conclusions.

I do not know anybody who thinks the murdered cops got what they deserved, and I do not know anybody who thinks (or at least says they think) that Sterling or Castile deserved to die. Even now -- with the second video of the events before Sterling's shooting having been released, and seeming to show the shooting was justified -- I do not know anyone who thinks or says he "deserved to die" in a cosmic sort of way.

The media portrays everyday Americans as borderline unhinged, teetering on a razor's edge of emotion, but I believe that says more about the media than it does about everyday Americans.

But still
Somehow (I don't know how) everyday Americans need to control the narrative instead of letting the media control it, because the media portrayal is what the rest of the world (and some of our fellow citizens) believe.

Take Black Lives Matter. It is a three-word phrase that is self-evidently true and should not be controversial at all. Yet it is controversial nonetheless, because a handful of anti-white bigots have taken it as their banner and the media have turned up the volume on those bigots' microphones.

And about those anti-white bigots, they are every bit as vile as the Bull Connors of yesteryear. They don't carry the enabling badges of authority that Connor & Co. carried, but they are every bit as enabled by figurative badges -- the figurative badges of victimhood that have been given to them by the brainless bleeding hearts of the Left.

Yes, All Lives Matter, and I deplore the thoughts which drive some black people to refuse to say All Live Matter because they insist on only saying that Black Lives Matter. I also deplore the thoughts which drive some white people to automatically assume that hateful black people speak for, or are representative of, all black people.

We who hold the middle -- regardless of our melanin content -- have to gain control of the narrative and then retain control, and not equivocate when it comes time to criticize those whose melanin content matches our own.

Yet another reason to love hockey. (For those of you who don't know, John Scott is a below average player who made it to the All Star Game pretty much only because the fans like his personality -- and then he became its MVP.)

And another. (For those of you who don't know, Shane Doan is one of the best players of the last 20 years and has played those 20 years all with one fairly hapless franchise; but he doesn't want to play elsewhere, because an Arizona Coyote is what he is and he knows a Stanley Cup won as a carpetbagger on another team wouldn't be the same as a Stanley Cup won as an Arizona Coyote.)

It's now official that the truth and identity of D.B. Cooper will forever be unknown. There's something about mysterious unsolved crimes that I love. Not that I approve of crime, but still...

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Belle GunnessAnd was Bruno Hauptmann innocent?

And since it's pretty clear that Sam Sheppard wasn't guilty, who was? Was it this guy?

Classic Jonah Goldberg, perfectly capturing the dismal state of our current national political scene.

It's now official that the truth and ident

And for now, I'm done. Be back soon

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