Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I don't like...

...to say "I told you so." Or maybe I do. Or maybe I don't normally like to, except on those occasions when a previous post being proven right awakens the usually shy cocky side of my personality.

But here I am saying I told you so, and I'll start by quoting myself from 23 days ago:

One of the most time-"honored" traditions in American politics is to elude bad news by releasing bad news on a Friday, when nobody is paying attention because everybody is entering the weekend and thinking about cookouts and sports and going out.

Now, let me quote myself from way back on August 22nd of last year, when I wrote about Hillary's then-new email scandal:

Why is Barack Obama not being scathed by it?... government employees are supposed to use a government (.gov) email address to conduct government business, and Hillary literally never did... If Obama ever communicated with her by email, he would have seen that she was using her own email address and should have immediately seen to it that she did otherwise. If there was ever a single email exchange between the two of them -- and it strains credulity to believe there wasn't -- then Hillary's subsequent use of her own address and server is just as much Obama's fault as it is hers.

Well... lo and behold, last week brought the most significant Friday document dump in American history, when the FBI released 189 more pages of reports from its investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal. Those reports revealed not only that POTUS was conducting government business by emailing Her at Her private address, sending said emails over Her private server -- but that he did so using an alias, which is itself a major breach of security protocol.

When the FBI showed one of those emails to Huma Abedin during questioning, not only was she unaware whose alias it was, she was so taken aback by the obviously classified nature of the information within the email that she declared, about its lack of markings: "How is this not classified?"

Abedin was then informed of the identity of the man behind the alias, and the records show that after her initial dismay, she recovered and had the wherewithal to ask for a copy of the email she had just seen -- for as Andy McCarthy pointed out, she knew that "if Obama himself had been emailing over a non-government, non-secure system then everyone else who had been doing it had a get-out-of-jail-free card."

In other words, the current Democratic presidential nominee, while acting as Secretary of State, violated serious federal laws; imperiled our nation's security; and put the lives of foreign individuals who were trying to help us in mortal danger... and did it not only with President Obama's tacit approval but with his active participation (and don't forget that most intelligence experts believe her server was hacked by enemy states).

This is not only bad -- it is downright impeachable.

But Obama is fortunate. Congressional Republicans, in all their eternally spineless anti-glory, long ago declared that they would never ever impeach him for any reason whatsoever. (Apparently the thought of being called racists for impeaching the first black president bothers them more than the thought of people being killed because sensitive information was negligently allowed to fall into the wrong hands.)

Fortunately for Hillary, the FBI Director's wink-wink nod-nod kiss-kiss treatment of Her email scandal pretty much guarantees that congressional Republicans will never ever do anything to make Her accountable for Her actions, no matter how bad they may be.

As for us peasants, I suppose we should just eat our cake and be happy that instead of reporting on important matters, our free press chooses to edify us with articles about the Brangelina break-up and Charlize Theron's extra pounds.

What a friggin' mess.

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