Friday, September 19, 2008

Culture of Deceit

As long as I can remember, liberals have used slander as a weapon to protect themselves from debate. Rather than explain their ideas, they lie about their opponents, hurling hysterical falsehoods all over the place with such machine-gun rapidity that the opponents are forced to either: 1) rebut the lies, which are so numerous there would be no time left to explain their own ideas; or 2) ignore the lies and explain their ideas, at the risk of having people think the lies are true because they didn’t bother to defend themselves; or 3) as Ann Coulter said, “end up conceding to half the lies simply to focus on the lies of Holocaust-denial proportions.”

In such a deceitful environment it’s hard to believe that one person could stand out as the most deceitful, but with each passing day it’s becoming clear that Barack Obama might be just that person. I’ll be writing about his dishonesty starting tomorrow, but instead of dealing with every issue he lies about in one post I’ll deal with them in a series of installments tackling one at a time. That way I won't have one enormous post that's so long nobody would want to take time to read it. And because I do have a life to live and other interests to pursue, I’m sure I will post about other issues in between some of the installments.

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