Monday, September 1, 2008

How Freedom Gets Attacked

Too many Americans take our freedom for granted and have no idea that the vast majority of the world -- if not all of it -- is nowhere near as good a place to live as the United States. Think of free speech, and think of the principle that you are innocent unless proven guilty: These things feel like a given because we grew up with them, yet they are American concepts that exist practically nowhere else, even among our close allies.

Here is an excellent column that shows not only how thankful we should be about living in the United States, but also how our enemies can turn foreign courts into proxy battlefields from which to attack our freedoms the "white collar way." It does such a good job presenting the information that I won't even attempt to summarize it. However, I do implore you to read it. And after you do, I hope you "thank your lucky stars" and make a point to educate your children about America's virtues and why they must be defended in a dangerous world.

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