Wednesday, September 9, 2009

et ceteras

No, I have not abandoned the series about medical care that I started last month. But Obama is speaking about that topic tonight, and before writing my next installment I will wait until I have had time to analyze whatever he says. And there are plenty of other things happening that also deserve comment.

On August 4th I wrote a piece that mentioned the plight of Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein, a female journalist from Sudan who was arrested for wearing pants and sentenced to 40 lashes with a whip. Two days ago a judge upheld her convinction, but replaced the 40-lash sentence with a $200 fine. True to her convictions, al-Hussein 1) refused to pay the fine, on the grounds that she had done nothing wrong, and 2) opted for the resulting jail sentence as a way to draw attention to the fact that Islamic law is used to oppress women. She is a true champion of human rights in an era filled with charlatans. It is appalling that our media has all but ignored her story.

Arrest warrants were issued today for 11 members of ACORN, for perpetrating voter fraud in Florida. ACORN was paying them to register voters, and they obtained voter registraion cards under fictitious names and under the names of people who were already registered. Over the past two years ACORN members have also been charged with voter fraud in Washington and Pennsylvania. Needless to say, ACORN is a left wing organization.

And I'm signing off early, because I just heard The Exalted One utter absolute bullshit while giving his speech, and now I am angry. He said Obamacare won't add a single penny to the deficit, when everybody who knows anything is aware that it is estimated to add billions of dollars over just the next decade. And then he said that "tax cuts for the wealthy" during the Bush years were "unfunded," when it is widely known that government revenue and the wealthy's share of taxes increased during the Bush years.

We are dealing with the most dishonest president in all of our history, one who makes Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton look like patron saints of verity.

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