Saturday, September 12, 2009

More et ceteras

I ended my last "et ceteras" post a bit prematurely, so here comes another to wrap it up. But first, since the anniversary of 9/11 passed without any specific comment on my blog, please allow me to refer you to my post from last year if you are interested.

You may not have heard that a New York Times reporter, who was covering the war in Afghanistan, was taken hostage by the Taliban a week ago and rescued by British commandos during an early morning raid on Wednesday. In the process, one of the commandos was killed. They deserve our deep gratitude and respect; however, the MSM has given the story very little attention, and the only response by some liberals has been to sit in their plush chairs and criticize the raid for being "bloody." But what else is new?

Some members of the sports media (which is every bit as dim-witted and politically correct as the news media) have piled onto Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor since he voiced support for Michael Vick's opportunity to have a second chance. They have criticized him for using the word "everyone" when he said this: "Not everybody is the perfect person in the world. Everyone does, kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, I just feel that people need to give him a chance."...The media folk need to shut up. Pryor is 20 years old, was talking off the top of his head, is not used to having a nation of reporters twist his words, and he obviously did not mean that "everyone" is a murderer and thief. His basic point -- that Vick has been criticized more harshly than people who have done far worse, and that because he has served his time he should now have an opportunity to lead a productive life -- shows that he has a better grasp of the American ideal of justice than most reporters do.

And about my last "et ceteras" post, it mentioned that arrest warrants had been issued for 11 members of ACORN, for perpetrating voter fraud. Well, in each of the two days after I published that post, videos were released that showed ACORN members in two separate offices as they dealt with a man and woman. The man told them he was a pimp and intended to bring 14-year-old girls into the country to prostitute for him, and the woman told them that she was a prostitute. After hearing this, ACORN members counseled them on how to falsify tax returns and loan applications in order to receive benefits illegally; instructed the "pimp" to claim the underage prostitutes as dependents; offered a 67% discount to prepare the fraudulent returns for them; and advised them on how to keep a low profile because neighbors might "see stuff" and "call Fox."

By the way, the Democrats have given ACORN a role in tabulating next year's census -- the results of which will have an enormous influence on political power because they will be used to draw congressional districts and apportion electoral votes.

So until next time...remain vigilant and wary.

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