Wednesday, February 10, 2010

et ceteras

Everybody I know above the age of 7 or 8 knows the word corps is pronounced “core.” Even if some of them haven’t heard the word corpsman, they would know it is pronounced “core-man” when they saw it print, especially when used in a military context. But the same is not true for the allegedly brilliant Barack Obama. During the National Prayer Breakfast last week, he pronounced it “corpse-man” -- twice! And the MSM said nothing about it. Do you think they would have stayed mum had it been a Republican that misspoke so badly? (You can watch it here.)

Until last week, Washington, D.C. had experienced just 12 individual snowfalls of more than a foot deep in 140 years, but now it has seen two such storms in several days’ time. The city’s record for most snow in a season -- which had stood for 111 years -- has already been broken with winter only a little more than half over, and the same thing is happening in many other places throughout America. Here in Florida, record cold waters are killing record numbers of snook and manatee, and Tampa recently went 10 straight days without the daytime high reaching 60 degrees (the previous record was 7 days and had stood since 1956). Global warming, anyone?

As you know, many in the MSM have their knickers in a twit over the Prius recall. On the one hand, I think Toyota is being unfairly attacked and I automatically sympathize with them. They spent decades earning their reputation as the world’s most dependable automaker, and should not have that reputation sullied because of a defect they are proactively fixing. But on the other hand, I find it somewhat amusing that the Prius -- the one vehicle Toyota produces to allow liberals to project their greener-than-thou delusions while driving down the road -- is their only PR blemish.

And lastly, a personal note. I got up from the computer last Saturday and sat down on the couch, where Sarah was watching a DVR’d movie from The Disney Channel. She moved over and grabbed my arm, then draped it around her and snuggled against my side, and we watched the rest of the movie together. That was a silent act that spoke volumes about priorities, and I will be sure to remember it.

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