Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Thoughts on the Olympics

There are two days left and the U.S.A. has a solid lead in the overall medal count -- 34 for us, 27 for Germany, 21 for Canada. However, we've slipped behind in the gold medal count. I would like to see us finish with the most golds, but even if we don't, I know we have nothing to complain about. This is by far our most successful Winter Games, and we have a good chance to break Germany's record for most medals in a single Winter Games.

It turns out my worries about how our hockey team would do against Finland were unfounded. Ringing up six goals in the first period is something I have not seen in years of watching hockey. Doing it against that good a team, and chasing a goalie like Kiprusoff out of the game barely ten minutes in, is something nobody could have expected.

Now we have a dream match for the gold medal game -- U.S.A. versus Canada tomorrow afternoon. What a way to close things out! We have already beaten Canada once during these Olympics, and my overly analytical side thinks it will be almost impossible to do it twice, considering the strength of their roster and the fact they will be playing on home ice. But I also know that our guys have the right skills and attitude to pull it off, and my patriotic side keeps thinking how poetically justified it would be for Team U.S.A. to win gold this year to mark the 50th Anniversary of The Forgotten Miracle.

More on hockey: How sweet is it that, in the four Olympics since professionals have been allowed to play, we and Canada are the only countries out of hockey's "big six" to make it to the gold medal game more than once? The United States is the world's greatest nation, but there's nothing wrong with continental pride.

And, even more on hockey (sort of): I love how Canada's Olympic officials flipped off the planet's hypocritical snoots who criticized how their women's hockey team reveled after winning gold. That is exactly how people from the free world should react. Too bad our own Olympic Committee has dropped the ball when it comes to such things.

And lastly, this: I am tired of hearing skiers moan about the conditions on the mountain. Your sport is skiing, after all. Dealing with bad conditions is an integral part of it, and those who can not do so don't deserve to win. I even heard some people acting disgruntled that the snow which fell this week was wet. You are in the Pacific Northwest, for God' sake, of course the snow there is not going to be dry Rocky Mountain powder.

Actually, this is last: Watch the games these last two days, root for America, and enjoy!

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