Saturday, June 25, 2011

Newborn Stage Again

Erika and I are thrilled that Parker has exited the womb. After more than 6½ years, we again have a newborn in our home.

We encountered some unexpected curveballs in the last 24 hours before Erika's C-section was scheduled to occur, but maybe that shouldn't come as a surprise since we have gone through a great deal of difficulty and heartache in our efforts to have a second child.

Fortunately there was no heartache this time. I have written before about our fertility travails, but I will not rehash them today nor will I write about this week's curveballs. We are only focused on the good, on the miracle of life, so I am here simply to post pictures of us with Parker. All of these were taken in the hospital.

Now that we are home, I guess we should get around to taking one of all of us together!

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Barb said...

I am smiling here in CO, John. Sarah looks like a natural big sis! Glad Parker is home with you - enjoy your sleepless nights. Hope Erika is feeling well - she looks great. Happy 4th to you.