Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Because I do not like hot weather, summer is my least favorite season. But there are still things I enjoy about it, and surprisingly, some of them are specific to this sweat-soaked state in which I live. So here are some thoughts on summer’s first day:

I love opening the season with our annual Beach Weekend.

I love Independence Day.

I love that there is one time of year when I am able to prefer chilled white wine over room temperature red wine.

I love when evening breezes carry the sweet scent of orange blossoms across Florida.

I love watching swallow-tailed kites, one of my favorite birds of prey, as they soar in the air and seem to stay up there forever without flapping their wings.

I love watching fireflies illuminate the woods at dusk.

I love San Diego.

I love the dramatic pulse of Florida’s afternoon storms, when black clouds darken the sky and spew lighting and thunder and unleash torrents of blinding rain – only to blow away and be replaced by sunny skies in less than an hour.

And I especially love that on the second day of this summer, we will get to meet our son.


KimBerly said...

Summer in MN is very hot and humid but this summer so far it hasn't been much of a summer. It's been cold and rainy. We did have one week were it was so hot we didn't leave the house. I love Spring and Fall in Mn. The winters are enough to make anyone cry though.

Barb said...

Good Luck to you, Erika, and Sarah. You will soon have cause for major celebration!~ I just returned to the Mountains from hot and humid Melbourne, FL. We had a nice time visiting with extended family during the wedding of our Nephew.