Saturday, April 21, 2012

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First, a thought about the NHL playoffs. Much ink has been spilled about how the hitting and fighting has gotten “out of control,” and how the league needs to get even stricter in its post-game punishments.

Well, personally, I think the fact that the league is getting so involved in the first place is partly to blame. Its constantly changing standards and its focus on off-ice rather than on-ice discipline have effectively taken enforcers out of the game. Those brutes now have less freedom to instill fear in opponents; and in my opinion, that reduced fear of physical retribution is one of the main reason we are seeing more head shots. I might be wrong, but that is what I believe.

* * * *

Speaking of the playoffs, the Lightning’s failure to make it past the regular season leaves me “teamless” in this year’s pursuit of the Stanley Cup. All I know for sure is that I don’t want the Flyers to win it, because I never cheer for any Philadelphia franchise; and I don’t want the Canucks to win it, because their hypocritical, holier-than-thou attitude last year really turned me off.

But what is very strange is, last night I had a dream that the St. Louis Blues won it all. That is strange because in my whole life I have probably spent less than five minutes thinking about that team. If they do hoist the Cup, you can say you heard it here first.

* * * *

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and I will go for an early morning bike ride in the woods, and I will appreciate the marvels of Nature -- just like I do many times throughout the year. I will not celebrate the so-called holiday, however. Born from the narrow mindset that was popularized by the likes of Rachel Carson, Earth Day promotes a mush-minded, romanticized view of Nature that is both false and dangerous. One of these days I will write at length about the many reasons my opinion of the environmental movement is so low, but since there is no time for that now, I kindly refer you here for a taste.

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If you are worried about central power run amok, you should be aware of the federal government’s Office of Financial Research that was created in 2010. Its funding is not subject to Congressional oversight, and it has almost limitless subpoena power to “compel just about any company in America to turn over to the federal government sensitive internal data, even proprietary information.” Who expects that this unchecked authority will not be abused, since the OFR has been staffed entirely under the watch of the most anti-business administration in our history? It took longer than expected, but 1984 has arrived.

* * * *

The OFR makes me think, for the millionth time, about how true it is that our pitchforks should be aimed at government, not business. It is the latter which grows the economy, provides jobs, and generates the innovations that raise our standard of living. Yes, it does so out of self-interest rather than benevolence, but all through history the free enterprise system is the one that benefits mankind because businesses must answer to the market; i.e., to consumers.

Which makes me think of how awesome this picture is:

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That’s enough for now. There is hockey to watch. So as they say: Peace Out!

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