Monday, April 30, 2012

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Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign just unveiled its official campaign slogan: “Forward!”

That also happens to have been the name of so many Marxist publications that Wikipedia has a page on the topic. One of those publications was a weekly paper in Russia founded by Lenin himself. Another was a daily paper in Germany whose authors included Engels and Trotsky. “Forward” also happens to be the name of a radical leftist organization that was started in Russia in 2005.

Interesting, is it not?

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Last week, when arguing in opposition to Arizona’s immigration law, one of the main points advanced by U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli was that the federal government has limited resources and therefore must choose which laws not to enforce.

Ignoring whether that is a legitimate argument for or against a state law’s constitutionality, there is no doubt that the federal government, like everyone, does have limited resources and must triage how those resources are used...But that only brings me around to a simple fact I dare anyone to contradict: The reason the feds must triage is not that their resources are too small, but that they have expanded their powers far beyond the limits placed on them by the Constitution. If not for that overreach, their resources would be more than enough.

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As the presidential election draws on, Obama & Co. (more likely the “& Co.” part, in order for The Exalted One to have plausible deniability) will try to play on people’s unfamiliarity with Mormonism by saying that Mitt Romney is descended from polygamists. The MSM will press Romney about his views on polygamy and try to turn it into a campaign issue, even though he is known to oppose the practice.

When that happens, just remember that it is Barack Obama’s father who was a polygamist, not Romney’s. Likewise, Obama’s grandfather was a polygamist but not Romney’s. You have to go all the way back to Romney’s great-grandfather, who died in 1904, to find the most recent polygamist in the Romney clan; whereas Barack seems to be the very first male Obama not to practice polygamy. The only reason this matters is that the MSM is sure to talk about Romney and polygamy but not about Obama and polygamy.

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Fortunately, one salvo already fired by Obama & Co. -- the false charge that Republicans are waging a “war on women” -- already seems to have veered off-course. But it is sure to be resurrected in the coming months, and when it is, we all better remember who is really waging such a war: The very same Islamic societies Obama & Co. refuse to call out.

In Saudi Arabia, a police force called the mutaween patrols public places enforcing a dress code that requires women to be covered head to toe…In Iran, four male witnesses (or a combination of three males plus two females) are required to convict a man of rape; and if a woman accuses a man but can not “prove” the accusation, she is punished with 80 lashes with a whip…In Afghanistan, when author Ali Mohaquq Nasab criticized the practice of stoning women to death as punishment for adultery, he was thrown in jail for writing “‘un-Islamic’ articles.”

Yet somehow, the American party of Mitt Romney (monogamous, married, father of five) and Rick Santorum (monogamous, married, father of seven) is the one that draws the Democrats’ wrath for not taking women’s issues seriously.

If you are interested, an excellent account of Islamic treachery toward women can be read here.

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Lastly, I would like to revisit the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, and then hopefully leave it alone until the trial is completed. Much has been made of the MSM (specifically, NBC) doctoring Zimmerman’s 911 call so it sounded like he volunteered that Martin “looks black,” when in fact he never mentioned race until the dispatcher asked him what race Martin was. But it turns out that another part of the call has also been misrepresented.

If you have been reading about the case, you have certainly read that the dispatcher advised Zimmerman not to continue his pursuit of Martin. If you have listened to the recordings on the news, you have heard the dispatcher tell him “we don’t need you to do that (pursue him).” What you have not heard, and which I did not know until I read it in a column by Thomas Sowell, is that Zimmerman responded by saying “okay.”

The MSM refusing to air that reply is the reason everyone believes Zimmerman kept pursuing Martin. The more we learn about this case, the more rotten the media looks, and therefore the more sympathetic Zimmerman seems. Which is a shame, because people are now looking negatively upon Martin even though none of us know if he did anything wrong.

This is a classic illustration of the fact that we have vested the media with too much power to shape our perceptions.

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Until  next time, stay tuned to the what is happening in the world my friends!

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