Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back to life

Nothing puts a topper on your family vacation like realizing that while you were gone, somebody used your own blog to post publicly viewable allegations about you that are completely wrong and meant to harm. If you did not read those comments, I welcome you to do so by going here and scrolling down.

The "somebody" who left them is my father's ex-wife. I have not seen her in 14 years and she obviously knows nothing about my circumstances. I will not waste any more of this blog's time and space by writing about her, other than to reiterate that her accusations against me are entirely incorrect, and to say that her portrayal of my father's character is repulsively inaccurate.

Within the next week, I will post pictures of the places we went during our trip that ended late last night. The mountains were pretty and it was a fabulous trip in spite of the oppressive heat, and I can not wait to share!

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