Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hernando County After the Rain

Steady downpours rained down on much of West Central Florida last night and this morning. This afternoon, Parker and I went for a little stroll on the countryside north of Tampa, and below is a snippet of what we saw.

For those of you not from Florida or the southernmost parts of Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana, don't let that brown tinge in the creek make you think it's polluted. The tinge comes from naturally occurring tannins being leached into the water from plant life. Looking at the creek, it will not surprise you to hear that tannins are present in tea leaves. However, cypress trees are the main source of tannins down here.

Here goes:

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Fred Alton said...

Morning, John! Thanks for the video. As you probably remember, I am from central FL and the creek looks very refreshing to me. I've returned from my start of hiking the AT in Maine with plans (in my head) to go back next year and complete the 100 mile wilderness.