Friday, September 14, 2012

It's War

Much ink has been already spilled opining about Tuesday’s attacks on our embassy in Egypt and consulate in Libya. Fortunately, the public at large is not buying the spin that is being sold by liberal politicians and their loyal eunuchs in the media, so I will not spend this post trying to convince people whether the attacks were pre-planned to occur on September 11th (which is obviously the case) or were a spontaneous “people on the street” reaction to an obscure YouTube clip none of them saw (give me a break).

Instead I want to focus on two connections I have not heard anyone else make. The first of these to occur to me is the similarity between Tuesday’s attacks and the ones which took place in Africa in 1998. The second is the fact that the Obama administration has been known to compromise our national security before, and now a security breach has been cited in Tuesday’s attacks.

As to the first connection, our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were struck with car bombs on August 7, 1998, with the explosions killing more than 200 people and injuring 5,000 others…The date was significant because it marked the anniversary of American troops’ arrival in Islamic Somalia…The bombings were masterminded by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, marking the first time they and al Quaeda came to the attention of the American public.

Our government’s response to those twin assaults was underwhelming, and in the wake of that underwhelmingness, al Quaeda ratcheted up its aggression by bombing the U.S.S. Cole in 2000 and bringing down the Twin Towers in 2001.

The similarity between those atrocities and the new ones is clear. Tuesday’s attacks, like those of 1998, were carried out at the same approximate time in neighboring African countries, with the targets being official, sovereign U.S. property…And they took place on a day of historical significance, since Tuesday was September 11th, of all days…And they were carried out by al Quaeda, as was evidenced by al Quaeda’s flag being 1) brandished by the attackers, and 2) raised on the grounds of our Egyptian embassy after our own flag was torn down.

Since the 1998 attacks were a steppingstone that led to an escalation of violence after our response proved to be anemic, it would be irresponsible not to assume that Tuesday’s attacks are of the same nature. We should be outraged, and more than a little worried, that our president’s response has been completely devoid of testosterone.

And as for that second connection I mentioned -- the one about security breaches -- it was only three months ago that some of us were sounding alarm bells about members of the Obama administration leaking classified national security information that jeopardized Americans’ security (for my take at the time, go here). Now, according to a very credible report in today’s issue of the U.K. newspaper The Independent, it appears that Tuesday’s attacks in Libya were abetted by a “serious and continuous” leak from within the U.S. consulate.

As everyone knows, Chris Stevens, our ambassador to Libya, was murdered and then his half-naked corpse was paraded through the streets. It has been reported that he was raped before being murdered. Well, it turns out that the details of his whereabouts in Lybia (to which he had just returned) and the location of his staff’s safe house (which fell under mortar fire) were supposed to be secret but obviously got out.

Further, confidential papers which have disappeared from our consulate are said to contain the names of Libyans who were helping us. It does not take a rocket scientist to discern what is going to happen to those people now that the murdering thugs who run the show know who they are.

Our media’s lack of concern about the serial compromising of our national security that occurs under Barack Obama’s unserious watch is every bit as scandalous as the compromising itself…as is the inability (unwillingness?) of anyone in our government, or anyone of note in our national media, to connect the dots when it comes to the loose lips in today’s executive branch.

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Fred Alton said...

John, I agree with what you say here. We need someone in leadership who has the strength to stand up to these proud and boastful wicked children who murder and destroy in the name of god. I would point out something that Jesus said in the prophetic passages of the gospels which - seems to me - is now in it's beginning stages. Jesus clearly said to his followers, "... Ye shall be hated of all nations..."