Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debate Dispatch

Contrary to what all liberals (and many conservatives) started saying when last night's presidential debate drew to an end, I think Romney was the clear winner.

Yes, Obama was not catatonic like he was in the first debate, a fact which pleased his perpetually petulant base. But it takes a lot more than mere lack of catatonia to win a debate in which substance matters and the most important job in the world is on the line.

It was obvious that Obama simply has no plan for the next four years, whereas Romney does. The already troubling notion of a president seeking reelection without even saying what he wants to accomplish should he get reelected, becomes even more troubling when you consider that his record during the four years he has already been president is so poor he does not even attempt to defend it.

Romney may not have hit as many home runs as some conservatives perceive he should have, but he always got on base and never struck out. From start to finish he answered what was asked, displayed command of facts and understanding of ideas, and comported himself respectfully...On the other hand, Obama was obviously sidestepping some questions; obviously lying when answering others; and frequently acting disrespectful...In short, Romney looked presidential and Obama looked petty.

The big, bottom line is that Romney did nothing last night to lose any of the votes he gained from so-called independents with the first debate; and Obama did nothing to regain any of their votes that he lost the last time around. In fact, Romney might have picked up even more votes from that demographic, given the differences between how he and Obama presented themselves.

Lastly, I have to mention that even though Obama told several whoppers during the debate, the one that struck me most was when he perpetuated the long-running liberal lie that 1) Planned Parenthood provides mammograms, and 2) Republicans are out to stop women from getting those mammograms by virtue of their desire to reduce the amount of taxpayer subsidies received by that cash-rich organization. The truth of the matter is that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, nor does it provide any other services for detecting breast cancer.

Essentially, it is nothing more than a nationwide abortion mill and pro-abprtion political advocacy group. When asked about breast cancer screenings during an undercover investigation, a Planned Parenthood staffer stated “We don't offer those services whatsoever.” That any elected politician is allowed to get away with the Planned-Parenthood-as-healthcare-provider lie is nauseating. That the president is allowed to get away with it is reprehensible.

Electorally speaking, the best thing about the debates is that they have given people who intend to vote, but are not political buffs, a chance to see Romney unfiltered. Fortunately, those people are realizing that he is not the monster our president makes him out to be.


Richard W said...

So glad Romney pulled a solid win in the election last night, I'm tired of the liberals making excuses for Obama

Well at least we know Romney will have the last laugh when he wins the election!

rainfield61 said...

Just come by to say "Hi" to you, Romney and Obama.