Tuesday, July 1, 2014

About Hobby Lobby

Here’s the dirty little secret that the headlines don’t tell you: Hobby Lobby DOES cover female contraception. In fact, it covers sixteen different kinds of contraceptives and excludes only four - kind of like almost every health plan in American history has covered certain drugs that treat something while excluding other drugs that treat the same thing.

Newspaper editors like to get people inflamed, and they know that people never read past the headlines, and therefore they have a tendency to bury relevant facts at the ends of articles. I noticed this tendency years ago and am not surprised to see it happening in the “coverage” surrounding Hobby Lobby.

Where contraception is concerned, the only things that Hobby Lobby does not cover are things that are known to be abortifacients (morning after pills) or are suspected to be abortifacients (IUD’s).

Plus, Hobby Lobby does not deny its employees the right to use those methods. It merely declines to be the one who pays for them.

If people have gotten to the point where they believe they have a right to require someone else to foot the bill for every possible lifestyle choice that can be described as “health care,” then maybe I should ask Congress to force my employer to pay for my broccoli. Since, you know, broccoli is an anti-carcinogen and might prevent me from getting cancer.

There is not a lick of evidence that Hobby Lobby discriminates against women. It is sad to see so many well-intentioned people getting told otherwise, and to see them getting swept into the social media equivalent of a feeding frenzy - a frenzy that aims to destroy a private company without spending one second thinking about what that would mean for the 23,000 people who work there.

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