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And now, I interrupt my series about Planned Parenthood to sound off on a few other things:

But first...
...I have to issue another complaint about the media's non-reporting of the videos that are blowing the whistle on Planned Parenthood (go here for my first complaint).

Three days ago the Center for Medical Progress released the seventh video. It features Holly O'Donnell, who used to work for a company that until last week partnered with Planned Parenthood to buy and resell the body parts of killed aborted babies. She describes an incident at a Planned Parenthood clinic in which a baby survived an attempted abortion; was fully delivered; and was then slaughtered after the fact.

According to O'Donnell, she was summoned to the counter where the baby lay. Its heart was beating, which according to both state and federal law means it was supposed to receive the same protections and rights as anyone else. However, her supervisor looked at the living baby, said "this is a really good fetus and it looks like we can procure a lot from it," then instructed her to cut through its face with scissors and crack open its skull and remove its brain -- an act of butchery which did occur, after which O'Donnell cried and placed the body in a jar while "everyone else was busy." She said "it's really hard knowing you're the only person who's ever going to hold that baby." This is obviously newsworthy.

The video was released on Wednesday and by lunchtime was reported on the home page of the Fox News web site... But as of 5:30 that evening, there was still no mention of it on the home pages of CNN, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, the New York Times, and the Washington Post... At 2:00 Thursday afternoon, there was still no mention of it on any of those sites... Ditto at 1:00 Friday aftrernoon and at 10:30 this morning (Saturday)... These esteemed media institutions did, however, have stories about bears visiting a New Jersey swimming pool, the relative safety of e-cigarettes, and Taylor Swift inviting people to come onstage.

If a tree falls in the forest...

She's toast
I am talking about Hillary Clinton, who people spent the last seven years penciling in as the Democrats' presidential nominee for 2016. Sure, most polls still show her in front by a comfortable margin, but don't forget that she was up more than 30 points over Obama at one point in 2008 and Obama still beat her out for the nomination.

When you take Hillary's unappealing personality and consistently high "unfavorable" numbers, and combine them with the genuine excitement and huge crowds which mark seemingly every Bernie Sanders appearance, then combine them with the extraordinarily grave email scandal hanging over her head, I see no way she can win either the nomination or the election.

Time might prove me wrong, but I'm going on record: She will not be a candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

About that email scandal
Why is Barack Obama not being scathed by it? Why is nobody, even in the media's few conservative outposts, calling him to account?

Sure, Hillary's use of a private server and placing of classified information into the non-governmental hands of people without security clearance (David Kendall, Sidney Blumenthal, Platte River Networks) represent one of the largest and most dangerous breaches of national security in our history.

But government employees are supposed to use a government (.gov) email addresses to conduct government business, and Hillary literally never did, instead choosing to conduct all of her government business on her private email address using her private server. This in itself is a major red flag that should have caused others in the administration to correct her course, but no such correction ever took place.

Are we to believe that the president never communicated by email with his secretary of state? The secretary of state is America's top diplomat, and is second in line to the presidency. If Obama ever communicated with her by email, he would have seen that she was using her own email address and should have immediately seen to it that she did otherwise. If there was ever a single email exchange between the two of them -- and it strains credulity to believe there wasn't -- then Hillary's subsequent use of her own address and server is just as much Obama's fault as it is hers.

They're toast
On the GOP side, George Pataki, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, and Rand Paul haven't admitted that they're finished, but they are.

Pataki is seventy years old, has been out of office for eight years, and there are only three people in the country -- all of them family members -- who can think of a reason to vote for him over the other GOP candidates. Pataki is a good man, but it's a mystery why he's even running.

As for Perry, it's not a good sign when your campaign's funds run so dry that you have to stop paying your staff six months before the Iowa caucus and fifteen months before the election. I happen to think he would make a fine president, but he has no chance.

There are many good things about Christie, but his 15 minutes ended with Bridgegate and the Hurricane Sandy Obama Hug.

When it comes to Paul, I'm sad to see his campaign tank so soon. Even though his national defense credentials are almost as big a mystery as why Pataki is running, Paul brings a lot of heft to the table with his libertarian bent on economics and anti-Big Brother instincts on individual freedom and privacy. However, his fundraising and poll numbers have been sinking for some time and two of his advisers were recently charged with bribery and record falsification.

When I'm 94, I hope I'm like this 94-year-old who is continuing to play organized competitive hockey against men who are decades (even generations) younger than he.

Speaking of hockey, last month I penned this somewhat praising, somewhat bitter, entirely conflicted post about Martin St. Louis. Today, after reading this column that he wrote, I am letting bygones be bygones. Enjoy your fatherhood and retirement Marty.

Churchill at his best. Or maybe his worst. But definitely one of the two.

Truths about Cuba.

This article isn't new, nor is the information it reports, but you might want to share it with your liberal friends the next time they get apoplectic about the Koch brothers.

I was born in Florida and have never been to Massachusetts. I am a lifelong Bucs fan who will forever be irritated that the media shortchanges my team's Super Bowl XXXVII championship because it happened to occur dueing the same half-decade the Patriots won three Lombardi Trophies... In short, I am not a Patriots fan... And I do believe their abnormally low fumble stats are suspicious... But this is the reason I am far more suspicious of the NFL that I am of the Pats when it comes to Deflategate. I hope Brady wins his case.

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