Monday, March 2, 2009

A Calamity in Action

From the beginning, I have been crystal clear expressing my belief that Barack Obama does not care for this country and is unfit to be its leader, yet even I could not have expected this level of calamity to rear its head this soon.  Obama is already well on his way to becoming the worst president in our history, which is phenomenal when you consider that he was sworn in just 42 days ago and his plans are still waiting to be implemented.


When he spoke about important matters on Inauguration Day, his words showed him to be “an unconvincing lightweight who has taken little time to think things through.”  That was not a good way to start your reign when the country you are leading is facing enemies who are so determined to destroy it that they are happy to kill themselves and their children in the process.


Then, less than three weeks after taking the executive reigns, Obama was off fear-mongering about how America might never rebound from its economic doldrums if we don’t bow down and submit to his schemes for expanding the reach of the federal government…you know, the same federal government whose involvement in economic matters has a decades-long record of failure; the same federal government that never does anything well; the same federal government that will “go after the proprietor of your local hardware store with thermonuclear weapons if he underreports by $300, but will ignore Jesse Jackson or the chairman of Enron when their returns are a million dollars out of whack.”


Then, assuming that his fear-mongering would soften opposition, Obama came out with his quasi State of the Union address last week.  In it, he reaffirmed his intention to expand the reach of federal power – with more specifics this time!  And in the wake that address, the stock market, always sensitive to the words of politicians, went into a nosedive both steep and sustained, the likes of which I don’t recall seeing since I became an adult.


But for me, the kicker came today, when it was reported that The Exalted One has contacted the Kremlin and said he is willing to consider discontinuing our plans for a missile defense system in Europe, if Russia agrees to help us “resolve” Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.  In other words, Obama has, for all intents and purposes, sold our Eastern European allies down the river by telling their biggest enemy that we may abandon our promise to protect them.

On the one hand, this gives the lie to his oft-trumepeted concern for our country’s “standing in the world,” and on the other it is an indirect dereliction of his duty to defend America. It tells our friends we are unreliable and that there is no reason for them to stand by us.  And by displaying a profound lack of principle and nerve, it is sure to embolden the world’s wicked forces and invite their aggression.


It would be bad enough if Obama was simply na├»ve, but I don’t think that is the case.  Several times I have identified him as a Marxist.  I once wrote that he “wants to weaken our national defenses against the rest of the world” and that he “is the politician for which every Bolshevik since 1917 has been waiting.”  As intemperate as that may sound, the evidence supports it more and more.


(Pardon me for quoting myself, from a prior post, in the second paragraph of this one.  And thank you, John Derbyshire, for the delicious quote I used in the third paragraph.)

Please note that when this post was first published, it contained a factual error that has been corrected in this version.  Also, since this post was first published Obama has contradicted parts of the report about his contact with the Kremlin (I do not find his contradictions credible when you pay attention to what he said, but thats a whole other post.) 

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