Sunday, March 8, 2009

For Us or Against Us?

The National Intelligence Council (NIC) is responsible for sorting through the mountains of data mined by 16 intelligence gathering agencies, in order to determine what information gets presented – and how it gets presented – to the president and senior policymakers.  As such, the person who heads the NIC has enormous influence on how well our government is able to defend the nation from its enemies. 


What would you think if that person was a man who believes that China’s communist government was justified in its crackdown against freedom demonstrators in Tiananmen Square, during which it murdered one of them by running him over with a tank?  What would you think if he was recently on an advisory board of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, which is owned by the communist government and known for its ties to many of the world’s dictatorships?  What would you think if he had literally worked for the Saudi royals whose nation is the world’s largest exporter of terrorists?  What would you think if he is currently president of an anti-Israel organization that receives the bulk of its funding from the Saudi king?  What would you think if he believes America brought the September 11th attacks on itself by being allied with Israel?  Would you think that person really believes in America and has her best interests at heart?


Well, the above description is the real biography of the man recently named head of the NIC.  His name is Charles Freeman.  His ties to China go back at least as far as 1971, when he served as an interpreter during Richard Nixon’s meetings with its government.  His ties to Saudi Arabia go back at least as far as 1989, when he became U.S. ambassador to that country.


The position of NIC Chair does not require Senate confirmation, so it often goes under the radar.  Freeman was named to the post on February 26th, not by President Obama but by Dennis Blair (director of national intelligence).  Obama can undo it, however, and he should.  If he does not, this country is on a predictable path to disaster – and by extension, so is freedom everywhere.

On a side note:  Notice how you hear virtually nothing in the media about Freeman being tabbed to lead the NIC, but you hear so much about the Obamas buying a swingset and choosing a dog and the president's hair starting to turn gray?

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Anonymous said...

Freedman should not be appointed.

His principals are counter to what we expect a person heading the NIC should have.