Thursday, March 19, 2009

Emotions Strangely Mixed

It is two months after Inauguration Day, and the power grabs of the most dishonest administration in our history continue unabated.

With each passing day, Obama & Co.’s mischiefs accumulate so quickly it has become almost impossible to keep up with them. The Exalted One is trying to turn America into a sluggish quasi-European welfare state that will snuff out the creative, spiritual spark that defines humanity.

I predicted this from the beginning, and am clearly against it, so how can I possibly have mixed emotions on how to feel about it tonight? Well, let me tell you: On the one hand, everything we are seeing makes it look like our federal government is happily inviting disaster to come into our lives, but on the other hand, there are signs that the public is starting to realize it and resist it. So perhaps Obama & Co.’s avarice is just what we need to spark a reawakening of pro-free-enterprise, anti-central-government fervor…much like the economic contraction of the 1970’s (in tandem with Jimmy Carter’s meekness on foreign policy) served as a catalyst for the Reagan Revolution of the 1980’s.

Of course, if hope comes in the form of Republicans regaining control of any part of the federal government, “over the horizon” is two years away at best. And if such a thing does occur, recent history tells us not to get excited too fast. We must hope any Republicans who make it into office are genuine conservatives – the kind of people who will hold true to principle rather than follow the example of the last bunch of Republicans, who went native when they got to Washington and saw themselves get hoisted from office as a result.

I am against pretty much everything Obama & Co. is trying to do, and am disgusted at the thuggish way they are trying to achieve their goals. But at the same time, I also believe that their arrogance and overreaching will cause the pendulum of public sentiment to swing back and sweep them away. And since that would be good, I am not sure if I should feel competely dismayed by their actions, or if I should feel encouraged by the reaction I expect them to generate.

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