Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Eve

Last week I wrote about one reason we conservatives should not be overconfident going into tomorrow's elections, and I might as well take this opportunity to mention that there are other reasons as well. Therefore, I am not "into" the idea of making any predictions...but like I also wrote, the electorate obviously understands the big picture in these elections, and this means I can't resist the temptation.

On the federal level, I predict the GOP will regain control of the House with about 10 seats to spare, but come up a few seats short of regaining control of the Senate. Pundits will depict the latter as a Republican defeat, but it will actually be a victory because it will eliminate the Democrats' filibuster-proof majority, which has been allowing them to legislate against the people's will without check.

In my own state, Marco Rubio will hold off a late rally by disgraced narcissist Charlie Crist, and accede to the Senate by a wider margin than was being indicated in last week's polls. Controversial gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott will benefit from the Rubio wave and get pushed across the finish line just ahead of Democrat Alex Sink -- keeping the governor's mansion in GOP hands despite recent polls that show Sink leading.

Out West, Republicans Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman will fall short -- by a frustratingly small number of votes -- in their surprisingly competitive attempts to defeat Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown in California.

And in a shocker's shocker, Republican Dino Rossi will become the next U.S. Senator from Washington state by defeating incumbent Democrat Patty Murray. This might ease any lingering sting from the 2004 gubernatorial election, which was won by Rossi only to be overturned in what was arguably the most egregious example of voter disenfranchisement in American history.

Tomorrow is an opportunity for us to start reasserting our control over the government by throwing Obama's power mad minions out of office. We all know what we have to do, so let's do it. Hopefully my predictions about Fiorina and Whitman won't come true, and hopefully the Republicans will win more Senate seats than I predict. We shall see...

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