Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Erika and I are extremely thankful this Thanksgiving, and this ultrasound picture shows why. When this was taken on Monday, our baby measured 8 weeks and 4 days old and we could see and hear the heartbeat. At one point we saw our baby move. If you look closely you can see the arm and leg buds starting to form.

I have written before, once in 2008 and once in 2009, about the fertility problems that have plagued us for several years. Erika got pregnant with Sarah, naturally, the very month we first decided to have kids -- but ever since Sarah was born, our attempts to have another child have been a struggle. Failed attempts to conceive naturally led us to IUI's, which also failed, and then to IVF's. Although the IVF's did result in two pregnancies, both ended in miscarriage.

While going through these struggles, Erika's "numbers" were always good and so were mine, but this year her FSH was only 22. Without getting into all the scientific mumbo jumbo, that means her chances of becoming pregnant, by any means, had shrunk to somewhere between slim and none. We tried a final IVF, which failed, and then we gave up and started wondering how we could possibly afford to adopt.

Then her period didn't come in September. God has a way of blessing you when you least expect it.

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Denise and Michael said...

Congrats to you guys, I am friends with Leslie and have know Erika for a long time, I am so happy for you guys as I completely understand about the struggles to have kids, we also have a blog back from 2007 I think about our struggles of infertility, anyways everything failed, started the adoption process and became preggo on our own, we have a 20 month old and an 11 day old both girls! We wish you the best of luck and are so happy for your little miracle!