Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Fall Guy

The unutterable thoughts began to roll around in my head a few weeks ago, and they have continued to do so, gaining momentum slowly but steadily until I can no longer deny their existence.  But because they are unutterable, I dared not utter them…until I spoke with my brother the other night and learned that he too has felt their tug…which helped me conclude that untold others must be feeling the same.


The initial, superficial thought was this:  I feel a measure of sympathy for Rod Blagojevich.  The deeper, more consequential thought, manifested via the superficial one, is this:  I believe that Blago is being railroaded and his prosecution is a farce.


Like a living effigy, he has been strung up and set afire to take the fall for corrupt politicians everywhere.  And his lynching will benefit many, because while everybody is distracted by the media circus surrounding this man nobody heard of until recently, the big fish are able to swim away without being seen.


The big fish are all those nationally known politicians who have never been depicted as crooked even though they are as crooked as the day is long.  I am willing to bet that at least 90% of them are Democrats and most of them are widely thought of as "leaders." 


Just think:  It is unheard of for the MSM to openly criticize a Democrat, yet as soon as the Blago story broke, the entire MSM immediately fell into lockstep and began depicting him as a sleazebag.  Many MSMers even went so far as to claim that he is literally insane, on top of being a sleazebag.  This should cause every conservative and every media watcher to be very, very suspicious.


After all, we’re talking about the same MSM that 1) ignored Juanita Broaddrick’s wholly credible allegations that Democrat President Bill Clinton raped her; 2) granted automatic, unquestioning acceptance to Democrat Congressman Barney Frank’s claim that he had no idea his boyfriend was running a prostitution ring out of their home; and 3) granted acceptance that was even more automatic and unquestioning when it came to Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama’s incoherent explanations about his alliances with the racist Jeremiah Wright and the terrorist Bill Ayers.


Is Blago a saint?  Absolutely not.  Is he ethical?  Doubtful, based on what we’ve heard from those tapes.  But how is it that he differs from all the other powerful Chicago Democrats through the years?  Why is it that the MSM loudly condemns Blago but was always subdued when it came to Richard J. Daley and Dan Rostenkowski?  Shouldn’t the uniform abnormality of the MSM’s reaction to Blago cause eyebrows to raise, at the very least?


The “big fish” thought – that the media is playing the matador, getting people to gaze at a flapping red cape while wrongdoers escape in another direction – will not leave my mind.  Who are the big fish?  I don’t know, but I do suspect that one of them is our president.  After all, Obama sprang from the same state, in fact the same city, whose politicians have always been known for corruption on a legendary scale.


To put it nicely, it is implausible to think that anyone can come from Chicago politics and rise high while being clean.  And Obama rose from Chicago politics all the way to the top.  And nobody can deny that the MSM has been protecting his reputation as if it is their own.  I do not know if Obama is one of the people the Blagojevich crucifixion is designed to save, but when you think about it, everything adds up that way.

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