Sunday, January 25, 2009

Get Ready for Invective

I have followed politics most of my life, and even though I’ve always leaned right, in my younger years I did experience flirtations with a few parts of the left’s creed.  So I am more than comfortable saying my observations are unbiased, and based on my observations I am certain of this:  Many liberals actually hate – rather than simply disagree with – people whose opinions are different than theirs. 

And now that Obama’s election has given them reason to believe their views are shared by the general public, we can expect those liberals to become even more spiteful in the way they comport themselves.  During last Tuesday’s inauguration, America got a glimpse of their temperament when the president and first lady got out of their limousine.  As they started walking down the street, some of the cheering spectators raised a large sign that said “Arrest Bush.”


Mark this down as a guarantee:  In no event celebrating a conservative victory would conservatives agitate for, or even fantasize about, the imprisonment of their intellectual opponents – because conservatives don’t do that in the first place.  Furthermore, in every event celebrating a conservative victory, conservatives would respect the event’s dignity and behave with grace. 


Liberals, on the other hand, respond to their intellectual opponents by comparing them to Hitler, calling them stupid and uneducated, and accusing them of being racists and misogynists and homophobes.  Some of them openly express regret that their opponents’ mothers opted for birth over abortion (I’ve heard this thought voiced about George W. Bush several times, but one specific incident is recounted in this column by Kathryn Jean Lopez).

In the coming years, people on the left will be spitting venom like cobras.  Contrary to what they say about themselves, they have no interest in debating issues or compromising with anyone.  Their sole intent is to destroy their opponents, and to achieve that goal, their first tactic will be to try to cow them into silence.  If that fails, they will not hesitate to ignore the law and deny opponents their Constitutional rights.  Make no mistake:  In the minds of liberals, freedom of speech applies only to themselves.

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Run DMT said...

You and I have talked about this before. As you know, I am always embarrassed by the behaviors of other "liberals". To "boo" a former president or even throw shoes at him is COMPLETELY unacceptable. This also goes against everything Obama stands for! Those "liberals" who are celebrating Obama's victory should remember that change can only occur when we rise above such hate and divisions in our country.

Although I do not agree with any such behaviors, freedom of speech means accepting all forms (the good, the bad and the ugly). Even though a conservative (in your opinion) would never behave in such a manner, the first amendment gives any American the right to be obnoxious.