Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog Update

Though others usually describe this as a political blog, that's not what it actually is.

It is simply a forum for me to write about whatever is on my mind at a given time.  And as it tuns out, a sense of duty often causes that to be politics.

However, I write about other topics here as well, and travels I've taken seem to make up a recurring topic.  Traveling is something I truly love, and when I write about it I am writing out of love rather than duty, so in addition to this blog I have started a travel blog called The Continuous Tourist.  I ask you to check it out, and if you like it I would appredciate you sharing it with others.

I don't know if I will update The Continuous Tourist as frequently as this blog, but I will update it regularly.  And I intend to market it more because, well, it is more marketable.   It amost certainly has more universal appeal, because believe it or not, some folks get turned off when I point out that our president is pushing America down a path of destruction.

Stanton's Space is not changing, and I will still write on it about my travels and whatever else I think is worthwhile.  Meanwhile, The Continuous Tourist will be more like a travel guide for places I've been and less like this recitation of my hiking trip from last fall.

If you're ready to read about politics and current events, I will write about them soon enough.  But for right now, let me just praise our Navy SEALS and say that I very encouraged by all you tea partiers out there.

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