Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Calamity Continues

We are well before the end of that “first 100 days” everyone likes to jabber about, and these are some of the deeds Barack Obama has performed:

He has appointed, into positions of power, so many people who have obvious ethical problems that the list of their names would be considered impossibly long -- except for the fact all of their problems have been acknowledged.

He has announced plans to have the White House take control of the census away from the non-partisan Commerce Department -- which might not sound like a big deal at first, until you remember that: 1) the census outcome is used to draw congressional districts and apportion electoral votes, and 2) Obama & Co. wants to use “statistical sampling” instead of a head count to “determine” its outcome.

He has disgracefuly dissed the United Kingdom, which is arguably our mother country and unarguably one of our all-time greatest allies.

He has done the same to our Eastern European allies, while kowtowing to a government that has brutalized them through history and always means us harm.

He has overseen a government takeover of one of the world’s biggest auto makers.

He has overseen growing government takeovers of banks.

He has claimed unchecked authority to seize private businesses, by asserting that government may take them over and determine what they can pay certain employees even when they are solvent.

He has told the people that many of them will start to see a little less tax money deducted from their paychecks -- but intentionally neglected to tell them that his energy policies, if enacted, will make the cost of their utilities (and many commodities) increase by so much that they will have far fewer dollars left in their pockets when all is said and done.

He has exploited one of the seven deadly sins (envy) in an effort to soften public opposition to his unconstitutional war against free enterprise.

He has targeted a group of private citizens by retroactively imposing on them 70 to 90 percent taxation of bonuses they legally receive for work they legally perform. To help gain support for this tax, he has taken the executives of a single company and pretended to be surprised and appalled by the amounts of their recent bonuses -- even though those bonuses were agreed to before the government granted money to their company; even though those bonuses were disclosed to the government before the government agreed to the grant; even though the government, with Obamas knowledge, wrote a clause at that time explicitly OK'ing those bonuses; even though the combined amount of those bonuses is less than one-tenth of one percent of the grant money; and even though it is far from clear whether the executives in question had anything to do with the company’s financial woes (some of them were hired after the woes began, and at least one of them was working for a salary of one dollar, meaning his bonus was his only income).

These are the kinds of things done by tinhorn dictators in backwater banana republics, yet Barack Obama is doing them in (and more importantly, to) the greatest, most productive, most benevolent nation in all of human history. He does these things without any regard for the restraints placed on the federal government by the Constitution, and he does them with contempt for his constituents’ interests -- because in his mind, he is The Exalted One who knows better than his constituents.

Obama’s actions must never be excused by believing they are the unfortunate results of naivety or inexperience. He is a bigger threat to this country than the Taliban or Al Quaeda or Achmadenijad or North Korea, for he is the enemy within. He emboldens and enables those other enemies, and he seeks to change this country so radically that it could soon be crippled without them ever firing a shot.

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